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Nov 29, 2013 12:00pm EST
>>> thank you for joining us. i'm jessica doyle. we begin with breaking news coming out of rockville. a water main break has closed lock heed drive. the main itself is on south lawn near -- south lawn lane near east goudy drive. we have tried to find out if it's the company's main and if it is how long repairs are expected to take. >>> 67 million people are expected to hit the stores today in what's become a post- thanksgiving tradition. delia goncalves starts our black friday coverage from westfield montgomery mall. >> i'm a black friday devotee. >> because i love shopping. >> i look forward to black friday all year. >> reporter: the faithful and frugal flocked to westfield montgomery on hunt for some black friday door busters. >> and so i rushed like right to the sale rack because everything on sale was 50% off. so the sale rack was -- >> once you got in it's mad crazy and everyone is running around. >> i sort of planned it out beforehand by looking at the websites. >> pretty good deals the clothing stores. >> reporter: many of the stores in fact got a jump-start on th
Nov 28, 2013 12:00pm EST
. thanks for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. a special thanksgiving feast for the homeless is just now getting under way in a unique location. for the first time ever, it is being hosted on the grounds of the u.s. capitol. andrea mccarren joins us there live. andrea? >> reporter: mike, it is brutally cold out here. that just underscores the need for events like this, not just on thanksgiving but year round. a springfield, virginia ministry called lucas is volunteering to host the event. some of the volunteers have been up since 3:00 in the morning cooking meals to serve as many as a hundred people. joining me live now is -- you know, people don't expect to end up being homeless. here you are celebrating a historic event. tell me why this location is so symbolic? >> as we take a look at the capitol itself, it's such a symbol of power and not just in our nation, the until, but also worldwide. and to have something like this where people that are coming from all -- all kinds of walks of live, broken hearted, homeless, or may not know where their next meal is coming from or maybe didn't sleep on a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2